Want to know the Read’s Digest version of my life to date? Read on…

I was born in Minnesota and grew up in Japan. My parents are missionaries who taught me sound work ethics. I have learned the importance of being committed to my dreams and the value of helping others achieve theirs. I inherited my entrepreneurial nature and sales skills from my fathers side of the family.

I went to college and studied to become a pastor but decided to pursue other things.

My first job after college was in sales. Believe it or not, I sold frozen food from a truck and became number one in sales my first year. I attribute my success to a genuine love of being of service to others.

My next sales venture involved selling swimming pools to luxury home owners where I broke company records. We did architectural landscaping too. I enjoyed the creative aspects of the business too. I became sales manager and remained there for 8 years.

I recognized the importance of having my own business and initially jumped into Real Estate sales.

While creating a number of online strategies for my real estate business ( video email, websites, custom membership sites ) my fellow agents wanted me to duplicate my systems for them. This launched my graphic design and website business 3 years ago. I currently work with professionals all around the world.

I love networking with new people, making new friends and cultivating my existing friendships. Life is what we make of it and I’m all for making the most of it!

In 2010, I became the luckiest man on earth when I met my future wife, Lauren Flieger. On June 23rd 2012 we were married on the beautiful island of Kauai, Hawaii overlooking Secret Beach on the North Shore.

I’ve applied myself to mastering the secrets of making money online and enjoy sharing it with my friends. I am a firm believer in having multiple streams of income. I have learned that if the people around me are not making it or being successful then I have not succeeded.  There is no greater joy in business than the awareness that your efforts have caused another to succeed.

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